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Movement of Jews from Manchuria to Israel is Continuing at Unabated Pace

The movement of Jews from Manchuria to Israel is continuing at an unabated pace and persons in a position to buy air passage from Hong Kong to Lydda airport are receiving Hong Kong transit visas, it was reported here this week.

One Jewish woman who stopped off here on her way to Israel from Manchuria said that 200 Jews were included in the total of 6,000 persons reportedly abducted by Soviet authorities during the last few years in Harbin. The fear of abduction, she said, is the reason for the large-scale movement of Jews from Harbin to Israel. Jewish property owners in Harbin are selling their property for one-fifth of its value, which is the price paid by government authorities.

Meanwhile, it was reported here that the recent order by Communist authorities that all foreigners leave Tsigntao–a port city in Shantung province–has resulted in apprehension on the part of Jews there for their property. Most of the Jews still remaining in Tsigntao–a large number were transferred to Israel last year–are businessmen and property owners.