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Tel Aviv Court Hears Ex-oswiecim Inmates Testify Against Woman War Crimes Defendant

Charges of additional cruelties ascribed to Elsa Trenk–an Israel resident accused of mistreatment of Jewish women inmates in the notorious Nazi Oswiecim death camp–were made today in magistrate’s court by Chava Gottlieb, a witness for the prosecution. Miss Gottlieb told the court how, while she was interned in Oswiecim, she was struck by the Trenk woman while she was standing in line, vainly awaiting a hand-out of food.

As a result of the beating, the Jewish witness continued, her hearing had been permanently impaired. Miss Gottlieb also testified that on several occasions she saw the Trenk woman beat a number of mothers and daughters. Another witness, Berta Rosner, told the court that she was confined to bread and water at hard labor after she struck back at the defendant.