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Army Announces Autumn Maneuvers; Navy, Air Force, Civilian Units to Cooperate

The forthcoming autumn maneuvers of the Israel Army were officially announced here this week-end by General Headquarters. However, the actual opening date of the operation is still a secret.

It is understood that the major objective of the maneuvers will be to test the ability of Israel’s armed services and civilian auxiliaries to react to a sudden attack from without. For the first time, all units of the Air Force and Navy will cooperate with the Army in the nationwide maneuvers. Also, civilian auxiliary units, which are trained to care for the population in the event of emergency, will be mobilized and tested.

The maneuvers will come at the conclusion of the general mobilization of the Army, which began some nine months ago. During this period all reservists were recalled for a short training period, as were personnel who never saw action in the Arab war. It is reported that the strength of the Army, an official secret, is greater than it was during the war.