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Doctor on Trial in Haifa on Charges of Murder of Jews in Nazi Death Camp

Memories of the nightmare of the Auschwitz concentration camp were recalled here this week-end in a Haifa District Court where Dr. Wladislaw Bering, a physician, is standing trial on war crimes charges. Bering is accused of individual and mass murders of Jewish inmates of the camp.

A 38-year-old survivor of the camp testified that in December, 1942, he and 14 other camp inmates were transferred to the camp hospital. There, he charged, Bering administered spinal anesthetics to them. When the needle broke in one man’s back, the witness swore. Bering had him killed immediately with a lethal injection.

The remaining 14 inmates, the witness testified, were subjected to partial mutilation. They were later transferred to the sick bay and forced to undergo a number of experiments from which several died. Five of the survivors were sent to the death chamber for execution.