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Bolivian Consuls Refuse Visas to “Jews, Mongols, Negroes”, 4,500 Jews Feel Discrimination

Bolivian consuls abroad make a practice of not granting entrance visas to "Jews, Mongols and Negroes," it was learned here today. The policy is unofficial. An attempt to legalize it some eight years ago was never followed through.

The 4,500 Jews living in Bolivia face a good deal of social anti-Semitism. For example, if a Jew is arrested the police announcement of the action lists the man’s name preceded by the word "Semite." The newspapers, even those professing liberal tendencies, publish the police communiques unchanged. When a Jew becomes a naturalized citizen his documents are stamped "naturalized" to distinguish him from native-born Bolivians.

As a result of the social anti-Semitism a large number of Jews–more than now reside in the country–have emigrated, making their way to Argentina, Chile and the United States. Most of the Jews now in Bolivia came originally from Germany.