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Ilse Koch Still Absent from Trial on “nervous Breakdown”; Trial Will End Soon

Ilse Koch, notorious German war criminal, suffering from what doctors call a self-induced nervous breakdown, was absent from court again when her trial resumed today. She is charged with 45 murders, and complicity in 135 others. Court officials said the trial would probably close before the end of January, the date originally set.

With the hearing of 80 witnesses this week, Hans Ilkow, the prosecutor, will have finished the bulk of his work. On the request of Judge Georg Maginot, he is expected to prune 40 or 50 from his original list of 480 witnesses. Only four or five of the 50 witnesses asked from Eastern Germany now are expected to arrive. Several defense witnesses have already been heard and Alfred Seidl, Koch’s counsel, is expected to bring another 30 early next month.