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Israel Parliament Gives Government Foreign Policy Vote of Confidence Backs Korea Stand

The Israel Parliament last night gave the government a vote of confidence on foreign policy, including the Israel position on Korea. The vote was 56 to 29, with six abstentions.

Before the vote, Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett defended his policy at the U.N., disclosing that certain powers” asked Israel to take the initiative in an attempt to mediate a peace settlement. He also declared that Israel is not safe from attack, invasion and occupation and must, therefore, prepare for every eventuality. It must obtain food and arms in “every corner of the world” which, he pointed out, leads to increasing Israel dependence on the world.

Turning to the question of peace with the Arab states, Mr. Sharett said the Jewish state is ready to conclude peace with each of her four neighbors on the basis of the status quo. He warned, however, that any attempt to change the status quo would mean war and that “the results of such a war would decide future territorial arrangements.”