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U.S. Group in Germany Reaches Agreement with Jews on Compensation to Oswiecim Inmates

Former inmates of the Oswiecim concentration camp who were compelled to do forced labor in the I.G. Farben synthetic rubber factory at Buna-Monowitz, may now claim compensation for their services as a result of an agreement reached between the American trustees of I.G. Farben and the Central Council of Jews in Germany, it was learned today.

Meanwhile, Dr. Seitz, newly appointed head of the Bavariam State Restitution Office, has brought a libel action against his predecessor, Dr. Philip Auerbach, in connection with statements made by Auerbach to Munich newspapers that Seitz was a former Nazi and had been assistant to Dr. Hans Frank, Nazi Governor General of Poland. Seitz headed the investigation into the restitution office which led to Auerbach’s dismissal, and was appointed to succeed him.