“children to Palestine” Holds First Annual Dinner; Attended by Christians and Jews
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“children to Palestine” Holds First Annual Dinner; Attended by Christians and Jews

More than 500 leading Jews and non-Jews tonight attended the first annual dinner of Children to Palestine, an organization of Christians and Jews engaged in a program of humanitarian services for orphaned Jewish children in Israel.

No appeals for funds were made, but the speakers emphasized that they hope the activities of the organization represent a sound approach to the strengthening of friendly relations among people of all faiths. Principal speakers included Judge Robert P. Patterson, former Secretary of War; Benjamin Cohen, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations; Martha Sharp, Special Assistant to the chairman of the National Securities Resources Board, Spyro Skouras, theatre magnate; and Mary Pickford.

Organized by a group of Christians and Jews in 1943, Children to Palestine has found that in following the history of children made homeless by Nazi anti-Semitism, American youth can be made aware of the potential plight of any minority group and sharpened to recognize and to act against discrimination. The organization is conducting its educational activities through the use of worship services, films and projects for use in schools, churches and community groups.

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