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Israel Will File Complaint with Security Council Against Syrian Attacks

The Israel Government will file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council against the actions of Syrian forces in the Huleh region of northeastern Israel where several weeks of intermittent firing by the Arabs and Jewish workers culminated yesterday in an invasion of the village of Hamma in Israel territory.

It is understood that the Israeli demarche will charge the Syrians with deliberately planning the invasion of the Israeli village, which lies within a demilitarized zone. The Israeli Government will back this charge by pointing on that preparatory work on the Huleh reclamation project, to which the Syrians only recently took objection, was started four months ago with the full knowledge of the Syrians and the U.N. staff in Palestine. It is understood that the Israeli complaint will charge even violations of the armistice agreement between March 15 and April 3, ending with yesterday’s attack in which seven Jews were killed.