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155 Members of the House Announce Support for American Grant-in-aid for Israel

Support of the $150,000,000 grant-in-aid bill for Israel was announced this week-end in a bi-partisan declaration by 155 members of the House of Representatives, representing 30 states. The declaration was submitted to House Majority Leader John W. MacCormack and the House Minority Leader Joe Martin Jr. A similar grant-in-aid bill pending in the Senate has the support of 36 Senators.

The Congressmen resolved that “the United States should now grant economic assistance to the Government of Israel in order to assist it in absorbing its large influx of immigration and in developing its natural resources and industries so that, with its security and independence thus strengthened, Israel may become a military, economic and ideological bastion for the free world in the Middle East, aiding in the maintenance of world peace, security and liberty and thereby assisting the general welfare and security of the United States.”