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Synagogue Council of America Denounces Communism As Threat to Spiritual Values

The Synagogue Council of America, representing the Orthodox, Reform and Conservative national rabbinical and congregational bodies in the United States, today issued a statement, on the first anniversary of the Korean conflict, denouncing “the expansion of Communist imperialism” not only as a menace to peace and security, but also as “a threat to the spiritual values that are the foundations of Jewish faith.”

Joining “with all freedom-loving people “in a prayer for the speedy cessation of hostilities and the restoration of peace in Korea, the Synagogue Council emphasizes in its statement that such a peace can only be achieved by the withdrawal of the three of Communist domination over South Korea.

“The concept of an eternal class struggle is diametrically in opposition to the Jewish principle of universal brotherhood,” the statement says. “This doctrine has formed much of the basis for reliance on force, for the arbitrary suppression of civil liberties and for the establishment of artificial barriers between citizens of the communist States and those of the rest of the world.”