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Israel Parliament to End Its Session on July Fourth; New Parliament to Be Elected

Israel Parliament today decided to adjourn its sessions on July 4th until after the new parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place on July 30th. The Parliament may be reconvened by its presidium or by the Israel Cabinet only cases of emergency.

Prior to its adjournment, the Parliament will take up a bill on popular insurance introduced by the Government. The first stages to this bill provides for state insurance in cases of death of bread-earners in the family, maternity, or on reaching old age.

While the final results of the elections in Israel to the World Zionist Congress are expected to be made public on Thursday, preliminary results, which will probably not very from the final ballots, were made public today. They establish that the pro-government Mapai Party received 282, 722 votes , or 28 1/2 per cent of the total votes cast. The pro-Soviet Mapaum party received 21 1/2 per cent. The Mizrachi laborites received 12 per cent. The Herut party received 11, and the Progressive party 5 per cent. The remainder went to small groups.