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Unity Restored in Anglo-jewish Community; Issue of Right to Certify Marriages Settled

Unity was restored in the Anglo-Jewish community today when the Board of Deputies of British Jews adopted a resolution providing for the return of the representatives of Liberal synagogues who left the Board two years ago.

One of the major issues at stake in the dispute was the power of marriage secretaries of the Liberal synagogues to certify marriages. When the Orthodox representatives, who were in a majority on the Board, refused to grant the Liberal synagogues this right, the latter withdrew. Under the new agreement, Liberal synagogues will seek Parliamentary license to certify marriages, without the opposition of the Board.

The Jewish Defense Committee here, which is concerned with anti-defamation work in Britain, today reported that during June there had been some increase in the number of Fascist meeting in the country. Attendance at these meetings was small, the Committee said, adding that the speakers “introduced more anti-Semitism into their talks, hoping to compensate thereby for the apathy shown to their attacks on Communism and the Labor Government.” There was no response to this technique, the report emphasized.