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American Federation of Labor Supports Israel’s Request for $150,000,000 Grant from U.S.

President William Green of the American Federation of Labor has informed A.F.L. unions of the desirability of the pending bill for $150,000,000 grant-in-aid for Israel and his organization is lending its efforts in Washington to secure passes of the measure, it was learned today. An A.F.L. spokesman said a statement will be submitted on behalf of the bill by the A.F.L. to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Four Christian leaders joined in asking the House Foreign Affairs Committee to extend financial aid to Israel through the McCormack-Martin and Douglas-Taft bills authorizing $150,000,000 in grants-in-aid to Israel. The four are: Dr. Henry A. Atkinson, honorary chairman and founder of the American Christian Palestine Committee; Rev. Dr. Daniel A. Poling, co-chairman of the committee; Dr. Samuel Guy Inman, vice-chairman of the committee; and, Dr. Carl Herman Voss, chairman of its executive council.