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Lipsky Takes Issue with Israel Goldstein on Intervention in Israel Political Affairs

Louis Lipsky, chairman of the American Zionist Council which represents all groups in the American Zionist movement, today took issue with a statement made by Dr. Israel Goldstein in Israel that because the Israelis feel economically and politically insecure without assistance from abroad, intervention of Zionists throughout the world in Israel affairs is an expression of legitimate and invited concern in such matters.

“That is an obvious platitude, but it does not touch on the issue,” Mr. Lipsky said in a statement to the press. “Of course, all Zionists and most Jews are concerned about Israel. They express their concern publicly and freely through the United Palestine Appeal, the Jewish National Fund, the Israel Bonds, private investments and going to Israel to see things for themselves,” Mr. Lipsky said.

“It is quite a different matter, however, to suggest that all Zionist organizations or groups or parties in the Diaspora should express their concern for Israel affairs by directly and continuously cooperating with the Israel political parties (each with its own), seeking to influence them not only through the expression of their views, but helping their vis-a-vis party in Israel by providing it with funds for its political campaigns (municipal or national), by helping it build up its political machines and maintain its party newspaper,” Mr. Lipsky declared.