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Israel Government Asks U.N. Security Council to Reopen Debate on Huleh Issue

The Israel Government has officially requested the United Nations Security Council to reopen its debate of last May’s fighting in the demilitarized zone of the Huleh border region. In a cable sent last night by Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, the Israel Government demanded that the Council hold Syria responsible for violating the Israeli-Syrian armistice agreement.

Mr. Sharett’s cable referred Council president Warren Austin to the Official Gazette of Syria, Number 31, published in Damascus July 19, 1951. In the gazette is an order awarding military medals to 79 Syrian officers and enlisted men for their part in three specific battles within the Huleh area. Mr. Sharett’s communication pointed out that the Security Council had blamed Israel for armed aggression against Syrian positions following assurances from Lt. Gen. William E. Riley, Palestine truce supervisor, that no evidence of Syrian military intervention had been found by U.N. observers.