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Full Text of Declaration Adopted by Zionist Congress on Special Status in Israel

The full text of the declaration adopted by the Zionist Congress on the question of securing a special status in Israel for the World Zionist Organization reads:

“The Congress declares that the practical program undertaken by the World Zionist Organization and its agencies for the fulfillment of its historic tasks in Eretz Israel calls for the fullest degree of cooperation and coordination on its part with the State of Israel and its government in consonance with the laws of the land.

“The Congress considers it essential that the State of Israel, through appropriate legislative act, grant status to the World Zionist Organization as the representative of the Jewish people in all matters that relate to the organized participation of Jews the world over in the development and building of the land and the rapid absorption of newcomers.

“In relation to all activities conducted in the interest of the State of Israel within Jewish communities outside of Israel, it is essential that the Government of the State of Israel shall act in coordination and consultation with the World Zionist Organization.

“In all matters regarding legislation by the State of Israel touching on the activities of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency, their property or their undertakings, there shall be prior consultation between the Israel Government and the executive of the W.Z.O. and the Jewish Agency.

“On the basis of the status granted to the World Zionist Organization, the executive of the W.Z.O. and the Jewish Agency shall be authorized to work within limits defined from time to time by special agreement with the Israel Government. Among the fields of activity during the forthcoming period shall be the following:

“1. Organization of immigration and the transfer of immigrants and their property to Israel.

“2. Participation in the absorption of immigrants.

“3. Youth Aliyah. Development of agricultural settlements.

“4. Acquisition and development of land by the Jewish National Fund.

“5. Participation in development projects.

“A coordination board between the Israel Government and the executive of the World Zionist Organization shall coordinate the operation of the above-described activities.”

Several attempts to amend this declaration to limit cooperation between the Zionist movement and the state to delete deference to the government were made by Mapam delegates, who also tried to insert the phrase “ingathering of exiles” into the declaration. After their amendments had been defeated, the Mapam delegates voted for the resolution, thus making its acceptance unanimous.