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World Jewish Congress Parley Discusses Protection of Jewish Rights

Although the world’s political and moral climate is inevitably affected by the well-being of Jewry, the Jewish people cannot leave its fate in the hands of others but must do what it can to protect its own vital interests and defend its political, cultural and religious rights whenever they are threatened, Dr, Israel Goldstein, chairman of the Western Hemisphere executive of the World Jewish Congress, declared here last night in his address at the annual meeting of the W.J.C. executive.

Dr. Goldstein stressed that Jews must ensure their own physical, spiritual and cultural survival. “In the program of Jewish self-determination the chief instrument is the reborn state of Israel,” he added. “Its three-and -a-half years’ existence, a mere moment in history, has demonstrated already what the Jewish state can mean to the Jewish people in solving the problem of Jewish homelessness, the raising of Jewish prestige everywhere, and the stimulating and ensuring of Jewish survival, Referring to the 10,000,000 Jews living outside Israel, Dr. Goldstein declared that the Congress was the only worldwide organization dedicated to the protection of their rights.