Desecration of Jewish Cemeteries in Germany Continue
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Desecration of Jewish Cemeteries in Germany Continue

The desecration of the Jewish cemetery of Hochenleunkirch was reported here today. Fifteen graves were destroyed. The vandals penetrated the cemetery despite the fact that the premises are surrounded by a high wall and barbed wire.

The report says that the crime has aroused indignation among the local population and that the town council is calling a special meeting at which a resolution will be passed expressing the sentiment of the population. Local authorities have offered a reward of 300 marks for the apprehension of the vandals.

A group of school boys are reported to have desecrated the Jewish cemetery in Grosskrotzesburg – Hesse this week. One of the boys who was apprehended said that the group was offered ten pfenning for each desecrated gravestone. The police have started an investigation, the report says.

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