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Sharett Condemns Germany at United Nations General Assembly

A sharp attack on Germany and against its readmission to the family of nations was made at the United Nations General Assembly today by Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett.

Mr. Sharett is expected to deliver his major speech at the Assembly Thursday. Today he merely protested against the inclusion of Germany on the agenda of the Assembly and emphasized Israel would vote against the request of the Western Powers to have the United Nations establish an international commission to investigate the possibility of holding general elections throughout the whole of Germany.

The inclusion of Germany on the U. N. agenda is “morally unacceptable and legally unjustified, ” Mr. Sharett told the Assembly. He pointed out that there was nothing in the United Nations Charter which gave the Assembly the right to investigate elections in any country, let alone in a country which is not a member of the United Nations.

The readmission of Germany to the family of nations would be a desecration of the memory of martyrs, the Israeli Minister argued. He stressed the fact that Israel would regard a re-united Germany as a threat to world peace. The Nazi spirit, he said, is rising in Germany from the ashes of the Hitler regime, and the democratic forces there are powerless to suppress this spirit of hatred.

The request of the Western Powers to put the German item on the U. N. agenda was later accepted by the Assembly by a vote of 47 to 6, with two abstentions. The states of the Eastern bloc and Israel composed the six votes against the proposal.

The Palestine questions on the agenda of the Assembly were adopted this afternoon without any discussion and will be taken up later in the session. They include: 1. A report of the U. N. Conciliation Commission for Palestine on its effort to achieve a final settlement between Israel and the Arab states on all outstanding questions; 2. Assistance to Palestine refugees.