Ambassador Eban Confers with State Dept. on German-israeli Talks
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Ambassador Eban Confers with State Dept. on German-israeli Talks

Israel Ambassador Abba Eban today expressed belief that there was no doubt of American concern for a successful outcome of Israeli negotiations with Germany for reparations for Nazi crimes against the Jewish people.

The Ambassador said this after conferring with Y. Burton Berry, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, at the State Department. Mr. Eban’s talk with Mr. Berry was principally devoted to the topic of the German-Israeli negotiations.

Government officials today denied reports that the State Department called on Germany and Israel to resume negotiations. They said that there has been no new development affecting the U.S. position on the negotiations through which Israeli is seeking restitution from Germany for the persecution of European Jewry.

It was said here that the State Department is still on record, as it has been for some time, in favor of a settlement satisfactory to both Germans and Israelis and indicating “sympathetic interest” in the achievement of such a solution.

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