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Browdy Reports to Z.O.A. Executive of Jewish Agency Status

“The draft agreement concerning the special status of the World Zionist Organization in Israel reached by the Jewish Agency and the Israel cabinet, showed very little variation from the resolution calling for such status adopted by the last World Zionist Congress,” Benjamin G. Browdy, president of the Zionist Organization, reported today at a closed session of the national executive of the Z.O.A.

He said that the present draft “differed from the resolution of the Congress in the vital respect that it did not contain the designation of the Jewish Agency as ‘representative of the Jewish people.’ However, in the draft agreement, the Jewish Agency was still accorded the special status as the recognized agency in the sphere of immigration, colonization and absorption. “For practical purposes then, the Jewish Agency, working with the Israel Government, holds a monopoly on those important spheres, and all other Jewish groups wishing to operate in Israel within these fields have to clear with the Jewish Agency,” he stated.