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Anti-semitic Smear Sheets Disseminated in Abilene and South Dakota

A demand for more drastic action to check the use of anti-Semitism as a political weapon in the President campaign is made in an editorial in the current issue of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

The paper says that if what happened in Abilene, Kansas, is to be taken as an example, “then all the protests that have been voiced till now against the anti-Semitic propaganda in connection with the Presidential election campaign was of no avail.” That town, the editorial reports, “was flooded with anti-Semitic smear-sheets.”

In South Dakota, the editorial continues, “the mails were filled with the same kind of scurrility.” It quotes a report to the effect that “voters were flooded with smear sheets and paid political advertisements viciously attacking Gen. Eisenhower’s integrity, his religion and his character” and points out that this happened in South Dakota “where the Jewish citizenry is an infinitesimal fraction of the population.”