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United Service for New Americans Urges Truman to Vedo Mccarran Bill

President Truman has been urged to veto the McCarran-Walter omnibus immigration bill by United Service for New Americans, it was announced by Walter H. Bieringer, president of the agency. Following a careful study of the bill, as amended by a House and Senate Conference Committee, Mr. Bieringer wired the agency request to the President on behalf of the board of directors and more than 400 cooperating Jewish community resettlement groups throughout the country.

Mr. Bieringer pointed out in his telegram that U.S.N.A., with 18 years of direct and successful experience in the field of immigration, resettlement and Americanization, was able to evaluate the effects of the bill, if enacted, and was convinced it “would be a tragedy for America and for the nations of the free world.”