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Sen. Taft Repudiates Support by Anti-semitic Propagandists

Sen, Robert A. Taft today condemned “smearing tactics” including the use of anti-Semitic propaganda against his political opponents, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and Gov. Earl Warren of California.

Sen. Taft told a press conference that he was “particularly disgusted” by a publication known as “Headlines,” published by Joseph P. Kamp and distributed by the Maryland G.O.P. delegation. Kamp, who is vice-chairman of the Constitutional Educational League, is listed by the Anti-Defamation League among leading anti-Semites. Taft said he also wanted to repudiate campaign material circulated by Gerald Winrod, another anti-Jewish agitator, as well as some “anti-Semitic sheets” he said had been distributed.

The Ohio Senator said “that kind of slander can only hurt the Republican Party.” One reporter asked Sen. Taft if his campaign funds had been used to finance such attacks on his political opponents. Taft replied, “certainly not.”