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Amount Inadequate but Better Than Expected, Says British Press

The Times of London said today that “no inferences” regarding mutual recognition by Israel and the West German Republic should be drawn from the fact that Israel missions supervising the carrying out of the new reparations agreements will have diplomatic status. The paper said that Israel spokesmen did not hide the fact that they considered the German terms, if not generous, at least much better than was expected when Israel’s original claim was made.

The Manchester Guardian said the sum agreed as reparations “is not a large one compared with the enormity of the crime. It is pitiful to think that it amounts to perhaps 50 pounds ($140) for every Jew done to death in the Hitler Reich.” It said, however, that ” all such material tokens of sorrow are utterly inadequate. But at some future day, it may seem fitting if the best of German constructive skill has played a part in building up the first Jewish state in history.”