U.N. Will Increase Assistance to Israel, Aide Says
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U.N. Will Increase Assistance to Israel, Aide Says

United Nations technical assistance to Israel will be increased in the near future and the U.N.’s calls on the Jewish State for expert assistance to other nations will also be increased, Sune Carlson, resident representative of the U.N.’s technical assistance program to Israel, told a press conference yesterday.

Mr. Carlson said that the U.N. plans to have some 70 experts in Israel as compared to the 21 at work there now. Israel will be asked to send health and irrigation experts abroad to help other nations in the program and there is a possibility of an exchange of experts between Israel and Yugoslavia, he indicated. Israel will also be asked to aid the U.N.’s scholarship program.

(At United Nations headquarters in New York it was announced today that the World Health Organization, U.N. affiliate, has recruited two American nurses to work out a new curriculum and act as instructors at the Israel Government nurses training school at Sarafand.)

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