Cleveland Federation Backs N.c.r.a.c. in Reorganization Dispute
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Cleveland Federation Backs N.c.r.a.c. in Reorganization Dispute

The board of trustees of the Cleveland Jewish Community Federation has adopted a four-point resolution on community relations work in which it pledges support to the National Community Relations Advisory Council in becoming “an increasingly creative instrument in the field of community relations.”

The resolution expressed satisfaction with the “earnest efforts” made by the plenary session of the N.C.R.A.C. at Atlantic City to bridge differences between the majority and the two agencies, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee, through the Barr compromise proposals. It voiced regret that the two agencies had withdrawn from the N.C.R.A.C. and the hope they would soon find it possible to return.

With regard to community relations work in Cleveland, the resolution expressed the intention “to continue the fine relationships and the process of joint planning by all organizations and by representatives of all points of view in our community.”

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