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U.N. Subcommission Rejects Soviet Motion on Discrimination

The United Nations subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities rejected today a Soviet resolution on the “extirpation” of discrimination which would have invited the subcommission to “prepare during the next year concrete recommendations” on measures to be taken for promoting the “extirpation” in all U.N. member states of discrimination because of race, color, sex, etc. and also “the cessation of all forms of propaganda for racial or national exclusiveness, hatred or contempt.”

Some of those opposing the resolution indicated that it was already covered in another draft proposal which they would support. The subcommission then discussed this draft resolution which would call for appointment of a special rapporteur to prepare a plan for the study of discrimination in the fields of education.

Previously, the subcommission adopted a resolution calling on U.N. member states to review existing legislation with a view to eliminating discriminatory measures.