Hoodlumism Near Detroit Jewish Center Called Non-racial
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Hoodlumism Near Detroit Jewish Center Called Non-racial

Recent acts of hoodlumism committed near the Davison Center, a Jewish community center, have been ascribed by both police and Jewish leaders to “sheer hoodlumism” rather than manifestations of inter-racial problems.

The disturbances followed others at football games at schools throughout the city attributed to one gang wandering around from section to section causing trouble. A gang fight in front of the Davison Center was averted last week when police moved quickly to arrest five teen-age gang leaders.

While no racial element was said to be involved in this situation, Police Inspector Albert Shapiro warned that “hoodlums are coming from all over the city and suburbs to a spot in one precinct. Something bad is going to happen if we don’t break it up.”

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