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Anti-semitism in Canada Declining, Minister of Justice Says

Anti-Semitism throughout Canada is on the decline, Stuart Garson, Canadian Minister of Justice, told a meeting of the local B’nai B’rith. He predicted that discrimination in employment and in trade union membership because of race, national origin, color or religion would be eliminated by the Canadian Fair Employment Practices act scheduled to be introduced at the current session of Parliament.

Pointing out that Canadian liberties and laws are derived from moral principles, Mr. Garson added: “Canada, along with the western world, has seen a reversal of the pseudo-scientific attitude and from the mounds of corpses in the Nazi concentration camps, from the millions of political prisoners in the Soviet labor camps, from the anti-Semitism which disgraces and characterizes both of these totalitarian regimes, we derive a new enlightenment of the moral foundation upon which our own society rests.”