Communist Germany Concludes Secret Pact on Arms with Egypt
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Communist Germany Concludes Secret Pact on Arms with Egypt

The trade agreement recently concluded between East Germany and Egypt contains a secret clause providing for the delivery by Communist Germany to Egypt of 80,000 rifles and 300 anti-tank guns, it was learned here today. The same clause also provides for the “loan” of several scores of military experts by East Germany to Egypt.

The recall of Fritz Apelt, East German Ambassador to Moscow, was predicted here today in political circles, which reported that a number of months ago he made the “political blunder” of permitting Israel’s Minister to Moscow, Dr. Shmuel Eliashev, to raise the question of East German reparations in a converstion with him.

It was reported here that Apelt went to East Berlin to seek clarification of his government’s position on reparations to Israel. When he raised the question, the report said, Communist President Grotewohl reprimanded him for permitting Eliashev to “talk” to him. He was also instructed to avoid further meetings and dealings with Israel diplomats.

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