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Bill for Unified Education System Presented in Knesset

The long awaited government bill for a national unified educational system in Israel was today introduced in Parliament by Prof. Ben Zion Dinur, Israel’s Minister of Education. The measure is designed to provide a single state system of education divorced from party politics to replace the current four “trend” or party systems.

Speaking on the basic aims of the legislation, Prof. Dinur–who was vigorously-supported by deputies of the pro-government Mapal and General Zionist Parties and attacked by the leftist Mapam and Orthodox Agudah parties–declared; “We have to educate a generation of builders; a generation educated in our historic cultural heritage and tradition; a generation which loves its country and knows it thoroughly–its historical, national and cultural values; a generation educated to agriculture and the creative crafts; a generation of mutual tolerance and national responsibility.”

The Education Minister maintained that the state could not leave education in the hands of parties or “trends, ” insisting that it must be unified to “achieve a homorganic populace which will be one of the most important achievements of the ingathering of the exiles.”