Arabs Will Receive More American Military Aid Than Israel
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Arabs Will Receive More American Military Aid Than Israel

The Arab states will receive considerably more military aid from the United States than Israel, it was revealed here today when the House Appropriations Committee published previously secret testimony on Mutual Security Aid.

The testimony discloses that Assistant Secretary of State Henry Byroade told the Committee that the State Department planned heavier arms shipments to the Arab states than to the Jewish state. “I think when you compare one-third of the world here with an area of the size of Israel, it should not be secret that our plans are to do more in all the rest of the area than in that one country,” Mr. Byroade said.

House Democratic whip John W. McCormack today challenged President Eisen-hower to lead a fight against the proposed reductions in the Mutual Security bill, including a slash in the amount for Israel. Sen. McCormack offered the President the help of Democrats in restoring at least $700,000,000 of the $1,100,000,000 reduction.

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