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Mapai Leader Urges “proper Approach” to Soviet on Emigration

Hope that a “proper approach” would persuade the Soviet Union to open its gates for the emigration of Jews to Israel was expressed here today in a speech by Eliezer Livneh, member of the Israel Parliament and a leading foreign affairs authority of the Mapai Party.

He declared that there had never been a better chance to secure Soviet agreement to the emigration of Jews to the Jewish State than existed today but said that Soviet assent would depend firstly on introduction of the Jewish question into the general framework of East-West negotiations, and, secondly, on Israel’s position in the international arena.

Mr. Livneh struck a warning note when he said that Germany was once again becoming a menace to Israel. He said this threat lay not “in the Germany of (Chancellor) Konrad Adenauer, but in the other changeless Germany” and was being brought about by the placement of German military missions in the Arab States which were still preparing for a “second round” with Israel.