Arabs Reported Intensifying Military Preparations Against Israel
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Arabs Reported Intensifying Military Preparations Against Israel

Arab military leaders, in an attempt to intensify their military preparations against Israel, and to justify such a step, have now embarked on a huge propaganda campaign in an effort to create the impression that Israel is massing its troops to attack Jordan in the Jerusalem area.

A report from Damascus today said that the Syrian Government, participating in this campaign, has offered Jordan military assistance “in the event of Israeli aggression.” Similar reports are reaching London from the capitals of other Arab League countries.

The signal for the campaign was given this week in Cairo by Ahmed el Shukeri, Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League, following a conference of Arab military leaders in Cairo. In a statement issued to the press, he said that Israel is concertrating troops around Jerusalem and along the armistice lines with a view to attacking Jordan forces.

“It has been proved to the Arabs,” the statement said, “that Israel is contemplating an all-out offensive against the Arab-Israeli lines. Responsible quarters have been notified of these aggressive intentions in order to be in a position to frustrate them immediately, before Israel carries them out.”