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St. Petersburg Police to Arrest Persons Posting Anti-jewish Placards

St. Petersburg police were under orders today to arrest any persons putting up anti-Semitic posters within the city limits in violation of a City Council ordinance. The order was issued after a sudden burst of anti-Semitic activity resulted in five blocks on the North side being heavily plastered with posters linking Communism and Judaism and calling for a halt to “Jewish immigration.”

At the same time, tracts were distributed to most homes in the area stressing the same themes. Receipt of anonymous, scurrilous letters by Jewish residents of the city and non-Jews with Jewish-sounding names was also reported to the authorities. The letters were postmarked from this city.

Detective Lt. Ralph Lee who was assigned to handle the case had orders sent to the entire police force to be alert to apprehend men placing the anti-Semitic posters in the city. “Posters of this nature particularly will not be tolerated,” he warned.