Security Council Resumes Today Discussion on Israel-syrian Dispute
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Security Council Resumes Today Discussion on Israel-syrian Dispute

The U.N. Security Council will resume its debate tomorrow on the resolution presented by the United States, Britain and France on the Israel-Syrian dispute over the use of the waters of the Jordan River. Moslem countries on the Security Council and China oppose the resolution. The Chinese representative indicated that he may veto the resolution.

Dr. Charles Malik of Lebanon, who speaks for the Arab countries at the Security Council, introduced his own resolution last Friday. Ahmed S. Bokhari, the Pakistan delegate, announced that his government had ordered him not to support the Big Three resolution, which authorizes Gen. Vagn Bennike, U. N. Chief of Staff in Palestine, to make an attempt to settle the dispute within three months.

In view of the opposition to the joint American-British-French resolution by China, Pakistan and Lebanon and the possibility that the Soviet Union and Columbia may abstain from voting on the resolution, doubt was expressed in UN circles today that the resolution, which is not opposed by Israel, will secure the necessary seven votes needed for its passage.

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