Israel Soldier Killed by Jordanians at the Armistice Border
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Israel Soldier Killed by Jordanians at the Armistice Border

An emergency meeting of the Israel-Jordan Armistice Commission was requested yesterday by the Israel Government following the killing of an Israeli soldier by Jordanians at the armistice border hear Kibya. The soldier was killed while escorting Israeli surveyors who were attempting to demarcate the armistice line.

The Jordanian authorities were informed earlier through the Mixed Armistice Commission that Israel surveyors would start demarcation work on the line in the Budrus-Kibya area on December 27 and if no answer was received by December 25, Israel would assume that the answer was in the affirmative. Since no answer was received, Israeli surveyors accompanied by soldiers, started their demarcation on the truce line yesterday.

An Israeli soldier was wounded today in the Negev by fire from the Jordanian side of the border, when an Israeli patrol attempted to drive off Arab cattle from Israeli fields. A complaint has been lodged by the Israel authorities with the Mixed Armistice Commission.

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