Bavarian Committee Adopts Inquiry Report on Auerbach Case
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Bavarian Committee Adopts Inquiry Report on Auerbach Case

A draft report on an investigation into the Auerbach affair has been adopted by the Bavarian Parliamentary investigation committee by a close five to four vote after seven members walked out of the session, it was learned today.

The investigation was undertaken following a general outcry over the conviction of the late Dr. Philip Auerbach, former head of the Bavarian State Restitution Office, for misappropriation of funds and other charges. The conviction was based largely on testimony of one witness who was subsequently found guilty of perjury in another case. Dr. Auerbach committed suicide immediately after the verdict was returned and before an appeal was taken.

The draft report voted by the probe committee was worked out by the Christian Social Union and Social Democratic Party members. One of the deputies who walked out, Dr. Walter Becher of the neo-Nazi German Party, told newsmen he had been promised that a majority report and a minority report he was to draft would be submitted to Parliament. He charged that the majority report contained misstatements and was an attempt to whitewash a number of leading Bavarian officials.

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