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State Dept. Assures Arms to Iraq Will Be No Danger to Israel

The Republican National Committee today issued a statement quoting Bernard Katzen, Republican consultant on Jewish Affairs, as reporting that he had received assurances from Undersecretary of State Walter Bedell Smith and Assistant Secretary Henry A. Byroade that American munitions shipped to Iraq will represent no danger to Israel.

Mr. Katzen said that with the approval of Republican National chairman Leonard W. Hall he met today with Secretaries Smith and Byroade to discuss the Iraq arms question. He said he was “assured” by the State Department officials “that our government is using all possible means to bring about better relations and ultimate peace between the Arabs and Israel and it will continue to work for the establishment of a stable peace in the Middle East.”

“I was further assured,” said Mr. Katzen, “that America will make certain that the supply of American military equipment to Iraq shall in no way serve any cause of aggression against Israel.” He added that it was recalled “that the President in a recent public statement had indicated that if U.S. aid to any country were misused or directed against another in aggression, he would undertake immediately, in accordance with his Constitutional authority, appropriate action both within and without the United Nations to thwart such aggression. He (the President) stated that he would consult with the Congress on further steps.”