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Jordanians Fire on Israel Train; Four Other Incidents Reported

Jordanian forces last night fired on an Israel train some two miles south of the “triangle” town of Tulkarm, an Israel spokesman charged. He said that although several bullets struck the locomotive there were no casualties.

This was one of five incidents which Israel charged had been committed yesterday by Jordanian forces. The others included firing from the Old City of Jerusalem into the new city and the wounding of an Israeli woman, the kidnapping of an Israeli Arab youth near Tulkarm, an invasion of Israel territory near Latrun by an Arab band which was beaten back, and indiscriminate firing on Israeli farmers in the fields in the “triangle” area. There were no casualties in the last instance.

The Israeli spokesman also accused Egyptians of having invaded a Bedouin encampment in Israel, near Auja el Hafir, Friday night. The camp was demolished, weapons, camels and donkeys were stolen and a number of Israeli Bedouin were stabbed.