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Knesset Gets Draft Law on Crimes to Be Punished by Death

Israel Justice Minister Pinchas Rosen today presented Parliament with a draft law which lists four specific crimes which–during wartime alone–may be punishable by death.

The measure, intended to replace the obsolete Mandatory “State Secrets Regulations” also lists a number of other crimes against the state which would bring a schedule of punishments ranging from seven years to life imprisonment. The four crimes punishable by death are:

1. Intentionally causing war against Israel; 2. Disclosing state secrets to an enemy, or to somebody who discloses them to an enemy who either wages war against Israel or contemplates such a war; 3. Intentionally endeavoring to cause Israel to cease to exist as a sovereign state or to sever a portion of Israel territory from its sovereignty; and 4. Attempting to change the existing regime in Israel by violence or by a display or demonstration of armed might.