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Anti-semites May Prevent Jew from Becoming French Premier

Pierre Mendes-France, the Jewish financial expert and former Free French aviator, who yesterday became French Premier-designate after agreeing to form France’s 20th post-liberation Cabinet, has little chance of getting the necessary 314 votes in the National Assembly because of latent anti-Semitism in France and also because American diplomats consider him anti-American, it was believed here today.

M. Mendes-France said he would make his appeal to the Assembly for confirmation as Premier as soon as possible, perhaps on Thursday. The last time he made a bid for the Premiership, a year ago, he received 301 of the necessary 314 votes, in France he is considered a “New Dealer.” He escaped from France after the fall of Paris to the Nazis and joined the Free French Air Force in England in which he fought the Nazis.