British Labor Leader Calls for Support of Israel’s Development
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British Labor Leader Calls for Support of Israel’s Development

Aneurin Bevan, Labor M. P. who recently toured Israel, today called for support of Israel’s development as a “priceless contribution to progress” and to the settlement of problems in what he said might well be one of the most dangerous areas of the world.

Speaking at a luncheon of the Anglo-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bevan called Israel a fully grown modern state comparable with any other in the world and one which–in the long view–was potentially viable. He called Israel credit-worthy and supported investment in the country. He also said that while Israel’s economic progress had stirred up ferment in the Arab world, it had also shown the Arabs the possibilities for development in their own countries.

Mr. Bevan called on the Western Powers to make a strong effort to bring about Israel-Arab cooperation for all time. He called on Britain to support development schemes for the region and declared that “everybody who has the interests of Israel at heart knows that it cannot be a successful oasis in a desert of increasing poverty.”

Israel exported to Britain more than twice as much as she bought from that country during the first four months of 1953, Barclays Bank Overseas Review reported today. It said that Israel imported from Britain goods worth 2,742, 719 pounds while it exported to Britain goods valued at 6,542,540 pounds.