Italian Minister Reports to Senate on Middle East Tension
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Italian Minister Reports to Senate on Middle East Tension

The Italian Government’s concern over unrest in the Middle East was expressed in the Italian Senate today by Attilio Puccioni, Foreign Minister, during a foreign policy debate.

Mr. Piccione also expressed Italy’s determination to strengthen her ties with the Arab countries and said that he favored all moves aimed at establishing peace in the area. He outlined the reasons for Italy’s concern for the Middle East and her historic position within it.

Since the recent signing of an Israel-Italian trade pact several Arab states have begun retaliatory action against Italy, the Italian press reported today. The reports stated that Jordan has prohibited the importation from Italy of 24 specific items which Italy has agreed to buy from Israel, asserting that this was a measure aimed at preventing Israel goods from reaching Jordan. Libya is said to be planning restrictions on the trading activities in Libya of Italian nationals who are members of the Italian-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

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