Mrs. Roosevelt Stresses Importance of U.s.-israel Friendship
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Mrs. Roosevelt Stresses Importance of U.s.-israel Friendship

A warning that nothing should be done to impair American friendship for Israel was sounded here last night by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, addressing a dinner-meeting of the Israel Bond organization. She called for continuation by the United States Government of “every proper aid and support” for Israel.

“Our leadership,” she said, “should work to bring peace and stability to the entire Middle East area. And one of the most important means of achieving that end is to express our friendship and our sympathy for Israel and its brave people.” Stressing the importance of American-Israel friendship, she declared that the two nations are “linked by a unity of purpose and brotherhood that transcends the inter-relationship of well-being and mutual security.”

“There can be no question of the fact that the people of Israel are one of our most important allies among the forces of democracy in the world today,” she said. “And there can be no question where Israel will stand in an eventuality that represents a threat to the forces of democracy in the Mediterranean area.” She asserted that “the sooner Israel attains its economic independence, the sooner will the Arab States accept the fact of Israel’s permanence and the sooner will peace come to the Middle East.”

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