U. N. Truce Chief Presents Report on Jerusalem’s “small War”

Major General Vagn Bennike, chief of the United Nations truce supervision organization, today presented to the governments of Israel and Jordan a 50-page report on the three-day Jerusalem “small war” which took place last week.

The report was compiled by UN observers on each side of the Israel and Jordan frontiers. A copy of it was sent by Gen. Bennike also to UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, who will decide whether to submit it to the Security Council.

The report, on the basis of which the Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission will have to make its decision as to whether Jordan or Israel is to be blamed for the three-day shooting affray, will be taken up by the Armistice Commission next Sunday at a session attended by Israel and Jordan representatives. The session will be conducted under Gen. Bennike’s chairmanship.