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Israel’s Military Maneuvers Prove Settlers of Aid to Army

The first phase of Israel’s military summer maneuvers, in the Judean hills, was ended today after three days of war games during which an “enemy” force of “Greens” fought against agricultural settlers, factory workers, office personnel and students defending the outskirts of a well-populated center.

The central area commander, Col. Zvi Ayalon, said the training and organization of the border villagers and land settlers proved extremely valuable, and gave great aid to the Army’s regular troops. Both morale and efficiency of the civilian defenders and reserves proved that the country can depend on them in case of military crisis, Col. Ayalon declared.

Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon, evaluating this first phase of the military exercises scheduled for this summer, said he was very much impressed with the growth of the settlers’ potential as a first line of national defense. The potential increased considerably in the last three years, the Defense Minister declared.